Bluetti eb3a design cooling flaw

It is recommended for every owner to connect a (less than) 600 watt load to their Bluetti EB3A AC output (i.e., UPS mode with AC on), and connect the unit to a residential 120-volt outlet (for at least 24 hours) in order to test and see if their unit shuts down and displays an overload message. There are several good reviews on YouTube about Bluetti EB3A, however it appears this unit has a design cooling flaw. I had my PC (85 watts) and a LED light (13 watts) connected to Bluetti EB3A AC outlets (i.e., UPS mode, AC on, DC off, with its battery at 100%), connected to residential outlet and after about 14 hours, I noticed the light bulb and PC both off and the Bluetti EB3A display showing “overload”, AC off, and battery at 100%. I then turned-on the AC and unit turned its AC outlets back on, like nothing has happened. Bluetti EB3A app shows I have ARM v2062.03 and DSP v2056.10 firmware versions. My unit was purchased directly from Bluetti and it was received five days ago, and my room temperature is at 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m having this same OVERLOAD issue. I’m using mine as a UPS on my work computer and monitors. This has happened twice at night drawing 50 watts and twice during the day drawing 265 watts. I bought mine direct from BLUETTI on 11/27/2022. Slow fulfillment time but got it on 12/04/2022. OVERLOAD happened 4x in 8 days.

Have you tried contacting them for a replacement? I sent them an email a week ago, asking for an RMA and gotten no reply. I am going to start calling them.

No Response to any on my many emails

90% of cases the cause is an uneducated user) read the instructions)

  • keep in mind that 600 watts is the peak - for a short time. also remember that if your device says 500 watts - with a probability of 99% it will consume more than 600 watts. take off your rose colored glasses

Since I received my defective Bluetti EB3A within the last two weeks and I got no reply to several emails to Bluetti and I wasn’t able to talk to anyone at Bluetti on the phone, I contacted my credit card company and started a disputed charge. I had a 13 watt light bulb connected to mine and I could see it blink at different random times, in addition to getting overload from it. I like the EB3A however there are many others with the same issue which represents a design flaw, since it works ignoring the overload and has nothing to do with users not reading the instructions.

I reached out through the sales email and someone replied. They provided things for me to do and info they need. It went into overload with only a 25w light bulb connected. Hoping it gets dealt with.