Bluetti EB3A 12V not supporting 10A

I’ve notice the 12V DC can’t handle 10A at 12V as I tried to power on a diesel heater and when connected without any load it will read 13V but once I power on the unit it will drop to 6V and maximum of 80watts which is about 6A and the diesel heater will need at maximum of 8-9 amps to start.
The power station states it will do 10A. and I’ve seen countless youtube videos where smaller competitor (Jackery 240 as one of them) brands powering up the same device without ANY issues…
so is this false advertisement or did I just receive faulty defective unit?


Hi @Mutjange , We are very sorry, EB3A can’t carry diesel heater at the moment.
Our engineers are already working on this issue and I will synchronize with you as soon as we have new information.

So I just seen all the topics about them not running the diesel heaters I just received mine for that reason only is why I bought it and literally I need it in like four more days for my trip and now I have nothing to run my heater and we’ll be in North Dakota needing it so now I have no idea what to do

Well, ive been using AC DC converter and it works. You could fine those on Amazon for around 20 dollars

Just bought one of the AC to DC converter’s and still don’t work

I have been running two (on board battery) DC fridges powered via the 5525 ports (1 plugged into ea) of my EB3a (12v) for five days straight. I have seen a steady 125 watts for extended times without any issues. At times the fridge compressors are both running as well as charging the batteries of each. There is no initial high watt surge, but I can state for certain that the eb3a will indeed output the 10 amps of 12 volt power over and extended period

I can confirm that both my EB70 and my new unit AC180 are unable to handle my Autoterm Planar 2D heater. At start voltage drops to under 10 v and the unit stops and gets an undervoltage error.
I connect it with a 12v plug .

I made a very big mistake buying these 2 bluetti units. Should have gone with Ecoflow.

The problem is very well explained here:
Failure to power heater