Bluetti EB3

Just took this out of the box, registered and APP on phone.
Charges great with wall plug But can’t get anything on solar port.
Screen stays lit and input light blinks… lol… It actually started losing battery
when I plugged in a new 100W 22.4V voc solar panel that’s also 1 day old.
So bad solar panel or Bluetti EB3?
I checked and it has latest software update but still no juice.
Talked to tech support and they want a video??? really.
Like everything electronic either great or not out of the box.
We are waiting for another brand power box to try and see if it’s better than Bluetti or not.
After reading all the comments it might be returned.
I can’t trust something new that’s not working properly or is it me?
Please reply…

@Chris409 Please log in with your account, then send me the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A, then we can check if there is a new firmware for your device.

Bluetti Care,
Hopefully I did this right and I get a reply.
Thank god this wasn’t for a customer or I would really be losing $$$$.
Or it could just be my mistake???
Guess we’ll find out by end of day.

@Chris409 Thank you for the information.

  1. You can update the firmware in 12 hrs.
  2. Please push the light and AC buttons at the same time to check if there is an error code
  3. Please check if the car charging works, if yes, I suggest that you can change an solar charging cable of EB3A to test.

Bluetti Care,
I tried all your tricks and no results. We have ordered another unit similar to Bluetti that should be here soon.
I tried to reply to email sent but did not get a reply. So here are some pics…
Hope to hear from U soon.

Bluetti Care,
I took these pics 7/19/23.
Power storage dropped from 80% to 66% in 2 days without any usage.
I mostly got this for emergencies and thought it would be useful if we needed it.
How long should a charge last?

@Chris409 Thanks for all the information above. The error code means “PV low voltage”. Please check the voltage of the solar panel and make sure the solar panel is under full sunshine.