Bluetti EB120 in the US now

Hadn’t seen this model in the US until today.

I wonder what the real input voltage is? The case says 16-40v 10A, the upper part of the description says 16-68v, further down its 16-60v 10A, even further down its 16-40v then in the Q&A its 16-60v 10A.

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@eric102 Hmm yeaa… that’s all over the place… @BLUETTI could you verify/edit the specs on this?

Hi eric,

Thank you for your reminding. The real OCV of EB120 is 16-68v and we have corrected it. Thanks again!

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Hi there,

Yes, EB120 is one of Bluetti’s products. Thank you for your attention!

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@BLUETTI are these eb120 units featuring “upgraded” lifepo4 batteries??

Hi man,

Sorry for the late reply.
No, EB120 is the built-in lithium polymer battery cell.

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That’s kinda what I thought. Thank you!

@BLUETTI …who is “Bluetti Admin”?

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An earnest and responsible member of Bluetti team.

Obviously. @m.briney … why didn’t you tell me you got a new gig?

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@Scott-Benson Pssshhh… I think Mark is pulling a fast one. Haha it ain’t me man