Bluetti cp200 wont charge

Hi trying to charge our Bluetti CP200 a minute or so into charging it goes up to a 100% and stops charging,I have discharged it fully and tried again but it gets to 5% and jumps to 100% and cut out charger

@Bob Is the model you are referring to the AC200P?
If AC does not charge properly, have you tried if the PV or car charging can charge properly to 100%?

Hi it is the AC200P unit have not tried it on solar or 12 volt

Hi it is charging on 12 volt as it should

Just checked it had stopped charging showing 100% on display only been on charge 45 mins turned it of and back on showing11% on display.was charging on 12 volt so same problem as charging on 240volts.

Hi have tried to change on12 volt it still only charges for a few minutes then shows 100% charged and stops charging same as when trying to change on 240 volt