Bluetti Contact Phone number not working

I needed to speak with someone in sales support so I called the 501-291-3145 number listed on the website and it says the number is not in service. I need to speak to someone about what appears to be a double charge on my credit / debit card.

Best to write them. They always reply. I also get through on the phone but it is a 30 minute wait. They get things done so no worries.

My last 2-emails to CS are unanswered. I ordered an additional AC200. My card was charged and a few days later I received an email indicating the unit had shipped. 2-weeks now and no unit. Tracking number simply states “waiting on package.” 2-emails to Bluetti requesting status. Absolutely no response. Unbelievable!

My AC-200 took almost 3 weeks to arrive after I got the shipping confirmation email. I never got any tracking updates after that. It just arrived on my porch one afternoon.