BLUETTI Celebrates New Beginnings and Wishes You a Hopeful 2024!

Happy New Year!!! :tada::fireworks::partying_face:

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the dawn of a new year, BLUETTI wants to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust. We are excited to embark on this journey together, as we celebrate new beginnings and embrace the opportunities 2024 has in store.

:sparkles: Welcome a year filled with hope, possibilities, and sustainable energy solutions! :sparkles:

:handshake: Thank you for choosing BLUETTI as your trusted partner in sustainable energy. We look forward to serving you in 2024 and beyond.
:point_down: Feel free to leave your wishes or aspirations for 2024 below, and they might come true sooner than you think!

Wishing you a joyful New Year filled with endless possibilities! :confetti_ball:


Happy new year everyone!

I looking forward, to see, what Bluetti is offering this year for new Products. Really hyped right now for receving the balcony solar system, for the beginning of the year.

Im already planning to expand my Solarfarm by a bit and with it a bluetti device to store all the newly produced energy. Let see what this year brings!

Best wishes to all readers!



Happy new year to all at Bluetti looking forward to great year.

My hopes for the year are being able to get either the ac300 and battery or ac500 with battery . To help the family’s in Africa get light with the help of Bluetti. And also look after the planet for the future generations , and also try to save money and run all the appliances at home more eco friendly, the price of energy is a strain on finances and when I eventually manage to get one of these units it would be a massive weight of my shoulders it would reduce my energy costs substantially. Myself and my wife are both carers for our disabled daughter, everything my daughter has uses electricity and needs to be charged to run and AND THERE ARE LOTS of things to run,bed,feed pump, ceiling track,hoist, wheelchair, communication aid, extra cost for heating,lighting,washing machine every little helps and we all need to do something.

Keep up the good work Bluetti I’m very proud to be customer of a company that really cares and are providing wonderful products and service. You should all be very proud


Happy New Year to the BLUETTI Team and Community :blue_heart:
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead !
The best is yet to come, isn’t it?
I am looking forward discovering what BLUETTI has new to come in 2024.
The Balcony Solar Solution is to my point of view very promising. Unfortunately it’s not available in France, I would have been so interested in testing it.
On my wish list, I need to get an expansion battery to offer my AC180 more capacity. I think that a B80 would be a good choice although I’d would rather go for a bit higher capacity but no choice (yet), a 1000ish Wh battery being a prefered option.
Anyway, the future is bright for BLUETTI. Big BRAVO to all involved in its success.


Happy New Year to the Bluetti Team and everyone!

I’m really looking forward to see what new innovations that Bluetti will showcase in 2024! My wish for this year is to become a proud owner of the AC200L. I definitely would be reducing my carbon footprint with this unit. I would be using the AC200L as a UPS for my mother’s medical equipment.
Thank you Bluetti for having such a great line up and I can say from experience that your customer service is great also.

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Très belle année à tous,

Il y a eut de très belle nouveauté en 2023 et je pense qu’il y en aura encore en 2024 :heart_eyes: 🩵

Notre objectif 2024 : devenir vraiment autonome de plus en plus. Avoir 2 b300 supplémentaire pour notre ac300.
Acquérir le système balcon quand il sera en france :fr: 🩵

Et vraiment hâte de voir ce que BLUETTI nous réserve par la suite :blush:
Bonne année à tous :tada::confetti_ball:🩵


A slightly belated happy new year to all at Bluetti and my fellow forum members :slight_smile: For 2024 I would like to see the Bluetti lifestyle products expanded to include more items we can plug into our Bluettis. I would be very happy to see a Bluetti brand 12v heated blanket, low wattage kettle / water heater, maybe a variable wattage induction ring. Being Bluetti brand I would know I could trust the quality. And now that there are the EB70. PS72 and AC70 all in the same size category it would be nice if the bags got a revamp so that they fit specific size Bluettis and are designed to be waterproof for those of us in countries like the UK with very changeable weather :)