@Bluetti_Care : can you confirm that my d050s has some issues and needs repair

The solar panels plugged into my d050s, which is connected to the dc7909 on my ac200max, used to give me 450/460w. But for the past few days, I’ve only been getting 95w, i.e. 4 times less… From time to time it goes up to 200w, but in an unstable way.

To find out for sure, I connected the solar panels of the d050s to the solar input of my Ac200max and my panels are working fine, giving 460w.

My d050s seems to be at fault. I plugged an ac-dc adapter 24v and 8A on my d050s, and connected the d050s to the dc7909 input of my ac200max. See the result on the ac200max: instead of 54-58v, there’s only 22-23v, 0w of power… And yet the LED on the d050s lights up red to indicate that it’s charging…
For me, it’s clearly a fault, but I’d love to hear your opinion (I can run tests if necessary).

Can you confirm, @BLUETTI_CARE, that this is indeed a fault? Before I invoke the warranty?

Hi @Snips1

Better tag them with @BLUETTI_CARE :)

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@Snips1 The D050S is broken, I suggest replacing it directly.

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Thank you very much for your quick feedback,
I appreciate it! :+1: