Bluetti Canada UL / CSA Certifications?

Hello again everyone,

I recently received an installation quote from our local Solar Power outfit here in B.C. Canada, and was told that my Bluetti AC-300 and B300 is non compliant with local, provincial and federal electrical codes for use as a UPS, back up power or any other application where it would be supplying power to my house wiring. Furthermore, here in British Columbia, electrical code prohibits the storage or connection of any Stored Energy Unit (namely batteries) in excess of 1 KWHr. Regulations permit my Bluetti AC300 / 4 B300 batteries to be stored in an out building with a one hour fire rating, but still cannot legally be connected to my home via transfer panel ( as can my Honda Gas Generator) because the AC300 and batteries do not have the necessary certifications in Canada.

Since my model and many other Bluetti products are being marketed via the Canadian Bluetti Web Site as “Home Back Up Supply” ( How to Plan For Wildfires with BLUETTI? - BLUETTI CA ), including 240V Split-Phase and associated hardware, cables and electrical transfer boxes, I’m wondering if I can have some clarification / rationale from administration regarding UL and CSA certifications for use of these products in Canada.


I will send you the schematic diagram first, and you can confirm with the installation company whether certification is needed. Because the AC300+B300 system is not connected to the grid, it is only connected to the household circuit. Because your installation company may not have seen the schematic diagram and thinks it is for grid-connected use.