Bluetti boost converter for optimizing solar power into various Bluetti units

I understand solar inputs into Bluetti units may be limited to 12A current for some units (like EP and some AC models - also portable units may have lower current range). But because the voltage range is sometimes more flexible (35-150V/Max.12A for each MPPT on EP500P). It would be ideal if Bluetti produced a device to step up voltage (DC-DC boost converter) configurable for various series of Bluetti devices to allow optimal solar input. Setting up solar panels in series may not be ideal for some users due to shading or placement restrictions in order to achieve higher voltages, so solar panel configuration is currently somewhat limited for such users.
Additionally, such device could even feature more MPTT controllers than available to current EP/AC or portable units and allow users to optimize DC input for a given Bluetti model. Such add-on Bluetti MPPT/boost converter would allow/encourage existing Bluetti customers to purchase much more solar panels and optimize solar power into current units. Additionally, it could promote the use of additional Bluetti solar generators because solar production could be optimized much easier.

Currently there are not much products in the market that could be used to achieve this or with any level of efficiency to work well with Bluetti solar generators.

I don’t know about all models, but the B300s batteries allow direct plug in of extra solar panels, (as long as the Voc of 60V is not exceeded.) They even include the cable. 3 of my 5 batteries each have their own solar panels.
It does get a bit messy running 6 extra wires from the yard to the house.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, I do know about the B300 MPPT controller, and DC Charging Enhancer, but these provide very limited solar input (500W and 200W respectively). But recent EP/AC units are capable of much higher solar input – like 1200W/MPPT x 2. I’m suggesting about optimizing solar near that range. There are not many solutions for solar boost converters that work well near anything in that input range.

Each MPPT on the EP500P has a voltage range of 12V to 150V, and the MPPT circuit inside BLUETTI machine already has a boost module.
If you want to use more solar panels to connect with EP and some AC models, you can consider the D300S step-down module. And solar panels can’t be shaded, it will greatly affect the efficiency, and prolonged use will also cause damage to the solar panels.