Bluetti battery?

Received what was supposed to be my Bluetti eb70S today and question the battery chemistry and model. My order from Amazon for a Bluetti eb70S had in it’s description that the battery chemistry is LiFeP04. The eb70 I received today has printed on the box the battery is Lithium-ion and that it is eb70 and not eb70S.

I need this addressed because my intention was to buy a power station with LiFePo4 battery chemistry.

The battery chemistry is definitely LifeP04 like you want. The box is a misprint. The only Bluetti products that are Lithium Ion are the EB120-240 series. I saw on the facebook group somewhere that this was a misprint. The EB70 is a great little unit and you have the newest version with an additional 100 watt AC capacity than the original unit had.

Here is the battery description from the Bluetti website:
The ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery, due to its chemistry features, can offer BLUETTI EB70 portable power station 2500+ life cycles before reaching its 80% capacity.
Built-in BMS is fundamental, which improves battery utilization and extends battery service life through short circuit/ overcurrent/ overvoltage/ overload / overheating protection and others.

And…here is the correct battery description shown on the Amazon page:

  • 【2500+ Full Life Cycles】The ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery chemistry and the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) massively improve the battery’s safety level while offering BLUETTI EB70S solar generator 2500+ charge cycles before reaching its 80% capacity.

Hi there,

The new version, EB70S’ s battery chemistry is LifeP04, not Lithium-ion. Please don’t worry. It might be a misprint.

@nan24 Could you please provide your order number? I will double check it for you.

I actually have two (2) order numbers for eb70S, with having received the first one today.

Order# 112-6385008-0329836 Delivered today, 10/31/2021
Order# 112-6521589-4073054. Shipped, Estimated Delivery Pending

@nan24 Hello there,

I have checked. The unit you received is EB70S, and its battery chemistry is LifeP04. Please rest assured that you have received the one you want. LFP battery (lithium ferrophosphate), is a type of lithium-ion battery using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as the cathode material. So the label is correct about the battery. The label’s model has not been renewed, and thank you for your reminder. We will correct it.

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@nan24 they posted this today regarding the misprint of the eb70S label…

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I thought LFP LiFePo batteries are a subtype of Li-Ion. So it is technically correct. There are other types of Li-Ion such as NMC which can have more energy density (lighter for same size) but less cycle life and not as stable.

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Absolutely correct. Thank you for the information.


@nan24 are you happy with your EB70S?

Hello roxie60,

Yes, happy with them, have two, so far. I’m a newbie to power stations/solar. Don’t know the test to put the power station through to know it is functioning properly. They were shipped 80% charged. I discharged them, then fully recharged. I have tested some appliances; toaster, rice cooker, 3q Instant Pot. All of these appliances worked great. I have two electric throws that showed a short with the power station shutting down. I also bought the AC200P. Tested the throws on the AC200P without a problem. Went back and tested on the eb70’s without a problem. Not sure why they both showed a short/shut down and then later didn’t have a problem.

My daughter wants to get a power station but wanted to find something more in line with her budget. After looking at the alternatives in the mid priced/powered power stations available, to me the bluetti is the best choice. So far I have convinced her to hold on to the money she would have spent on a different power station, like a small Jackery, to have toward a bluetti.

I also got XTAR solar panels. Recharged with two panels that were putting out 150’s watts, from 40% in about 3.5-4 hrs. Each panel would put out 103-104w but two in parallel only in the 150’s. Not sure why, maybe someone can help me understand the drop, was hoping for closer to 200w.


The XTAR panels that provider 100W each but only 150W together likely because the power is limited on the power station side. Reason include:

  • Max solar charger power exceed
  • Max current exceed
  • Battery is too full to take charge at a high rate

Each power station has a max solar input limit, if that is only 150W then it will only take that. Also, even if the limit is higher, they still have a voltage and current limit. You should never exceed the voltage as it would damage/destroy your power station, but you can exceed the current. If you do exceed the current though, the power station would only pull what it can and the rest would be wasted. I assume you are connecting your panels in parallel. In such case the EB70 can only accept a total of 8A. So if your panels are say 19V x 5.5A each ~105W, then when you connect 2 in parallel the voltage is still 19V but total current becomes 11A. However, since the EV70 can only accept 8A max, it becomes 19Vx8A = 150W

Do not connect your panels in series as it would exceed the voltage limit and damage the EB70


Hi @nan24,

How is you EB70S? Bluetti claims that the LED’s are brighter and the charger fan is quieter. I’m sure these are difficult things to identify without the original EB70 to compare to.

Are you able to see the on/off LEDs in the daylight? A lot of people say it’s VERY difficult to see them in the original EB70.

Thank you!

I got a EB70, the led for AC and DC power are small, but I do not have any issues with them indoors. Outdoor may be more of an issue, so brighter would be better but it is not a big deal.

One complain I do have is that if the unit is off, the display goes on for only 1-2 sec each time you press the button, not even enough time for the charge indicator to fully show. You can turn on the led or the ac/dc power and it will stay on for 5 sec or so, letting you read the display. Annoying, but not a show stopper.

The AC power supply fan really bothered me, that stays on no matter what. I actually bought my own 24V 8A adapter and use that to charge the unit instead.

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I agree with everything you stated. I also charge with a different power supply that I use for all my sogens. It is a variable voltage 500 watt power supply and I adjust the voltage to obtain whatever input watts (up to the sogen limit) I want for the situation. The power supply dies have a small fan which comes on from time to time.

The screen time out is annoying and I can’t believe the power saved is worth the annoyance.

The LED lights are very difficult to see outdoors as you state. I did a review on the EB70 when it first came out and mentioned the same issues as opportunities for improvements.

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Hi Scott, thank you for your honest review and advice. And thank you to all our customers. You move us forward.


I am happy with it so far. The issues didn’t bother me too much except for the AC charger, which I replaced. I wish that fan only turns on when it gets hot rather than all the time.

I just tried it at home on my home’s sump pump and it works, it pulls about 750W when on and runs for 10-15s at a time. It is over the name plate wattage of the inverter but it didn’t overload.