Bluetti battery power question

I am curious about the special battery port on the B230 and B300.

How much power do they provide to the attached device? like an ac300 or ac200max?

the manual is not much help. in one spot it says 8A, in another is says 80A. So either 500W or 5000W.

This is important for the AC300 since all of its power comes from the attached B300 so it can only pass along as much wattage as the battery can provide. Which makes the 5000W figure sound more appropriate.

But then when connected to an AC200P is appears to only provide 200W since that is a limit of the AC200P.

But it would be nice if it can provide 5000W to the AC200MAX so that it is transparent where the power is coming from (the internal battery or the external battery) otherwise its like a caching flash drive (fast SLC cache vs slow TLC main) otherwise you might be draining the internal battery faster than it can be charged from the external battery.

Not sure exactly which port your talking about.

the ac200max has 2 battery extension ports used to connect b230 or b300 batteries.
so does the ac300.
the b230 and b300 has the same port (p090a)

So yes the AC 300 would have to support the full wattage through its connection because like you said the power comes from the external battery so it would have to support that amount. The AC200 is rated for 2200 watts (output) not 200. The battery contains 2000watt hours. That power can come from the onboard battery or through the connection from the external battery. The connection has to be rated for 2200 watts because the onboard battery could be low and the external battery would still support the unit with its needs. I have found that with mine the batteries do not discharge equally. They are always a little different in their charge states. It seems like the onboard battery goes down a little faster than the external one, and they don’t charge equally either, both finish at 100% at different times. But the external battery does not charge the internal battery like you suggest.

i was thinking of the charging limit on the eb70s (200w).
the charging limit on the ac200p is 700w solar or 500w ac. i believe the battery connects to the solar charging port on the ac200p so is likely limited to provide 700w which is still far less than the output of 2000w let alone 4800w surge.
the ac200max has a dedicated battery extension port that the manual implies is 500w (8a) which is still far less than the output of 2200w let alone 4800w surge.
the ac300 has a dedicated battery extension port that the manual implies is (upto?) 5000w (80a) but i’m not sure if that number is correct or they just added a zero by mistake. no where else is it discussed or documented.
also the b230 and b300 can be daisy-chained (once?) but the power level on that is not documented either.
the upcoming b301 is supposed to support more than 2 batteries in series (on the upcoming ac500?). i’m not sure if they just changed a firmware limit on that or used a better controller.

I have a AC200Max. I will have to look at the manual. When you say battery extension port are you talking about the large heavy cable that connects the 2 units together on the AC200Max? Thats only 500watts?

Yes, thats what i am referring to. and i am wondering how much it is. it is documented as 8a or 80a depending on the pdf file. so either 500w or 5000w apparently.

I see it now. the manual for the B230 says the battery expansion port is 58.8vdc at 8 amps. That comes out to (470 watts). The manual for the B300 says 58.8vdc at 80 amps (4700 watts). well crap. I did not know that. I wonder what that 8amps equates out to after it goes to the inverter?

all information i wouldn’t mind finding out.

That means the B300 is a much better choice when paired with the AC200 Max. I bought the B230. I’m still happy with my purchase though.

That could be a typo in the manual , would be helpful to have it confirmed.

it makes sense though. how else does an ac300 spit out 3000W if the B300 can’t supply at least that much. it just may only work when using the thick p090 to p090 cable.
ie. B300 to AC300 or B300 to AC200MAX.