BLUETTI Balcony Solar System: Rigid or Flexible Solar Panels☀️

What type of solar panel would be most suitable for your balcony?
Here, we provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of rigid and flexible panels, allowing you to make a better decision based on your needs. :bulb::zap:

:hammer: BLUETTI Rigid Panels:
The rigid solar panel features a higher PV input and higher open circuit voltage for greater compatibility, but due to its weight and dimensions, at least 2 people are required for installation. It is IP68 dust and water-resistant and can withstand wind speeds of up to 37 m/s.

:leaves: BLUETTI Flexible Panels:
The flexible solar panels are lighter and easier to install, it doesn’t require much effort or help from another person. However, it has a lower input power than the rigid solar panel. It is also IP68 and can withstand winds of up to 37 m/s.

Learn more:
:link: BLUETTI Balkonkraftwerk mit Speicher BLUETTI DE - BLUETTI DE

I didnt use flexible panels yet, but i can confirm that installing Rigid Panels can be a difficult task if performed without any help from a second person.

Because of the higher ouput and efficiency of the rigid panels, i would still go with them over flexible. All i want is maximum output on the minimal possible area.

When you actual use this system as real balcony mount, i can imagine that the flexible do have some advantages, like weight and easier installation due its flexibility.

In my opninion, its great to see that both panel types are offered. So everyone can pick the right system for the usecase they have.


Has it been on sales yet in EU? I can’t find any info in english or french on the website…

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@Mark83 Sorry, BLUETTI Balcony Solar System is currently available in Germany. The sales time in other European Union countries is to be determined. :worried:

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I’m very eager to learn more about the Bluetti balcony solution.
I see high interest in such plug&play package :star_struck:

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