BLUETTI Balcony Solar System Now at Incredible Price!

Introducing A80 Microinverter and A80+B210+D100S Bundle from BLUETTI Balcony Solar System. :cityscape:

BLUETTI is proud to announce the release of our latest promotional prices for the Balcony Solar System. Whether you’re interested in the A80 individual unit or the A80+B210+D100S bundle, we’ve got you covered! :loudspeaker:

:sun_with_face: A80: With additional discounts 30€ off, we offer unbeatable price 239€!
:sun_with_face: A80+B210+D100S bundle, now available for an incredible price of only 1.249€ using forum special code 50€ off at checkout!
BLUETTI Balcony Solar System stands out with its superior waterproof and dustproof features, ensuring durability and longevity. :sweat_drops::tornado:

:moneybag: Come and contact me via private message or email to get the discount codes!


Thats a well better price. Thank you for listening to the community!

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WOW, that’s incredible ! I wish it could be available for French market too :face_holding_back_tears:

@Mark83 I’ll let you know the good news when the balcony solar system is certified in France!

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Hâte de voir les nouveautés en France :fr:🩵:smiling_face: