Bluetti app

Hi, enjoying my Bluetti. It would help a lot to see the app give estimated time left given current power consumption. should be easy enough to do?


Sorry, this feature is not available yet.
But I will submit your suggestion to the APP technical department.

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I too would like to put in my vote towards this feature!


That would be a nice feature.

I agree, nice feature. I vote for it, too.

Would love to see this too!

Absolutely. This is the one thing missing from the app I would really love to see.

Me and my AC are only new so I am still figuring out the capabilities. Being able to get time estimates, the same say I get usage, without going to the physical unit would be fantastic!

Cool idea, many powerstations do show this kind of information in there displays. Even when they not that accurate for the most time, it gives you an idea

It’d be a nice feature, but if you’re in offgrid mode you can get a feel for it by watching the SoC everyday. And PV Priority mode will protect your batteries from completely draining, as long as you’re plugged into a wall outlet.

Btw, I was using a 15 amp outlet, getting 1.6kWh charging. It dawned on me there’s a 20 amp outlet nearby, and that gives me 1.8kWh. I have the secret code and managed to get 2kWh without tripping the 20 amp breaker, untiI turned on my Keurig coffee maker on the same circuit.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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