Bluetti App v 2.1.0

The App drops (forgets) my device each time I travel outside of cell phone service. I use my AC200Max to power a DC fridge/freezer when I go camping (having ice cream in the wilderness is a real game changer!). I’m often out of range of any cellular service and the app drops my device so I can’t monitor the power status without looking at the screen on the AC200 which is difficult to get to. I’ve tried to manually add the device to the app but receive a “network connection” error. Of course there is no network. That’s the point. I’m off the grid, in the wilderness, no connections.
Is there a way to prevent the app from dropping or forgetting my device? Or a way to add it back to the app without a network connection?

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@pgglasscock On the My Device page, the connection to bind the device can only be operated when the mobile phone has a network. If the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet, you can connect the machine offline via Bluetooth here.