Bluetti App Shows Lower Grid Watts Than AC Output. Anyone have and opinion?

Ok two different AC300 with extra battery. Both have multiple devices hooled up and are in AC only UPS mode. Batteries on both are at 100% Unit 1 has AC line “Grid” 157 Watts, but the output is higher 217 Watts. The second with less items has 17 Watts Grid and and 74 Watts out to devices. Anyone care to explain why the ouutputs is more than the input and the batteries stay at 100%?

How long does it stays that way? Did you watch it for like 30 minute and didn’t notice the AC input goes up or battery level goes down? The deficit is only about 100W so perhaps it does this for say 20min, battery drops to 99%, then it charges at 1500W for 1.5 min and repeats?

The Display s not actually Watt but VA and the (V part is also not measured accurately but more approximated and calculated)

Because your Power station changes the power factor it can maybe change the apparent power.

The internal measurement is very inprecises you get better results with a 5$ powermeter

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@monoaz Would you mind sharing some pictures or a video so I can get the details more exactly?


@monoaz The AC300 input displays active power on the APP, and the output displays apparent power. Under UPS and the battery is 100%, the input on the APP displays the grid input power, including the bypass load power.

This makes no sense. ?!
Try to translate this again