Bluetti App Outage


The app has been having connectivity issues since yesterday’s maintenance.
The symptoms are identical to those seen during last week’s outage.

Would it be possible to have some update?


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the information policy is very weak.
That’s not very professional at all.

There was some maintenance happening the other day. But is all done now also there is an app update came out yesterday it should be all sorted now.

You should see cloud functionality as an extra. Many users buy Bluetti devices as preparation for outages, disasters, offline and off-grid use.

You can download the app and connect it directly to your Bluetti device via Bluetooth. No cloud server needed. If you do need cloud functionality, for example to download and install a new firmware version, wait a bit for the server to come back and update it then.

Noticed and applied the update (v2.2.0). Thanks.
It did NOT immediately and automatically resolve the issue. Had ton go through some manual adjustments which took some time to figure.
This was the second 24-hour+ outage in a week.
I bit of reliability, stability, predictability and transparency would go a long way.

Also noticed that, with this release, BT apparently discontinue support for the 1.3.x series (opening that
version of the app now forces an upgrade).
Quite regrettable …

Thanks for the input.

Definitely would not trust my life with the app, even if it was rock solid (which it is not).
However, see my comment on predictability, transparency, etc. above …

On a related note: is this a private remark of yours or you represent BT in some capacity?
I’m hoping for the former, although you make it sound like it might be the latter.
Either way, it has ramifications in ways you probably don’t imagine.