Bluetti App AC in value doesn't match LCD AC in value when on AC power and at 100% charge in UPS mode

When the EB3A is at 100% charge in UPS mode with both AC input (from grid power) and AC output (to a device) active, the LCD shows zero watts AC input while the BT app shows an AC input value that matches the AC output value. See images attached.

If the battery drops below 100% and starts charging, the LCD then updates to shows the charge input rate.

This doesn’t seem to be causing a problem but it made me think the unit was not receiving AC power when I just looked at the LCD and the battery was full.

I am not sure what the correct behavior should be BUT it seems like the app and the LCD should show the same thing for consistency?

Seems like a bug in the display Firmware for me.

Can you redirect this to the firmware team @BLUETTI ?

Firmware version is ARM v2062.03, DSP v2056.13

@NM_Ben It seems that the screen shows the charging power, and the APP shows the total input power (bypass + charging). Did you update the firmware to address the display of watts?

@BLUETTI_CARE Thanks for the response! The app screenshot is at the same time as the LCD image, the unit is not charging, battery is at 100% just bypass power flowing in UPS mode in both images. The unit is in the same state in both cases but the screen and the app do not match.

I can take another photo with the app held next to the LCD side by side if that helps illustrate, will just need to find another camera.

The firmware version is the same as the unit arrived with, ARM v2062.03, DSP v2056.13 I have checked for updates and none available.

@NM_Ben I have confirmed with our technician, it is normal. The input displayed on the EB3A screen refers to the power to charge the machine, so when the EB3A battery is 100%, the input displayed on the machine is 0W. The input on the APP shows the input power of the grid, including the power of the bypass load. The APP displays 66W It’s because the device is loaded.