Bluetti Announced World's First Sodium-ion Solar Generator

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A little suspect. I will wait until Gen 2 comes out. Sorry!

Why call it a “solar generator” ? It does not generate solar power! Only the Sun does that for several billion years, until fusion power become commercial.

I guess they call it a solar generator because it is meant to replace a gas generator under some situation, using solar instead of gas to generate electricity. Speaking of it, a gas generator doesn’t generate gas, it uses gas. So same thing as this.

The solar generator is the photovoltaic panel. The sodium ion cells are energy storage. Each to its own. As for gas generation, every living organism generates gas!

An interesting to note that for Canada, solar power equipment (inverter, charger etc…) are duty free no matter the country of origin. However, batteries are subject to import duty if it isn’t made in USA or Mexico. So perhaps officially calling it a solar generator has import duty advantages.

In the end, it is just a name. All we know is that this combines solar MPPT charger, AC charger, Na-Ion batteries and an inverter into a handy package.