Bluetti and Jackery don't play well together😛

As we all know, the AC500 draws some power out of the wall outlet anytime it’s plugged in (33-44W).
I usually leave mine unplugged and in PV Priority mode, but during the night I’ll plug it in to make sure everything stays powered on should the battery SoC drop too low before the sun comes up.

So I have this 1000W Jackery collecting dust that I bought when they first came out. So let’s put it to good use by plugging the AC500 into it instead of the wall outlet. Let it provide the 33-44W all day and night, then recharge it during the day when I have power to spare. Sounds good, right?

Well, for whatever reason, the AC500 didn’t like it. The light on my ceiling fan began flickering, and when I checked the AC output voltage of the AC500 it had dropped from the usual 121V to 111V varying somewhat. It went back to 121V the instant I unplugged it from the Jackery.

Not sure what’s going on with that. The Jackery didn’t have a problem supplying the 33-44W at all. Maybe there’s some delay supplying power when called on, and the AC500 took that as an “unplugged” signal. I could occasionally hear the internal relay of the AC500 click, (happens whenever you plug/unplug from the wall outlet)

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  1. Please provide the SN code and check the DSP firmware in the APP interface to see if it is the latest version.
  2. Try to turn down the input current so that the maximum input power is less than 1000W.
    Then see if the output voltage will be pulled down to 111V when the AC500 is charged from Jackery.
  3. When AC500 is charging from Jackery, the output voltage of AC500 is the Jackery bypass output voltage, not the output voltage of AC500 when it is off-grid.
  4. AC500 does not draw some energy (33-44W) from the wall socket at any time it is plugged in. This value is not the AC500 plugged into Jackery’s AC outlet, which is not charging at this time but Jackery shows 33-44W, this is the reactive power generated by Jackery’s AC output.

Well, this isn’t really here or there. I can live with not using the Jackery like this.

The new APP no longer shows firmware versions and the “check for updates” was removed, so I don’t know what the latest version should be.

I tried but the touchscreen beeps but doesn’t change from 15 amps. Do I need to unlock it with the “secret” passcode? (I should note that the touchscreen has other problems that are already reported to Support. I didn’t see the need to fix it at this time, but it is on record. AC & DC on/off can only be controlled through the APP, not the touchscreen.)

Well, my Kill-a-Watt meter shows 4 to 5 watts being drawn. I assumed it’s a parasitic power draw as with most appliances like my Home Theater gear and even my Keurig coffee machine when it’s off. It was the Jackery that was showing the (33W-44W) being drawn.

I was beginning to follow some of that…until I started getting a headache :smirk:

Go to APP-Home-My device, connect the machine with Bluetooth, you can check the firmware version or upgrade the firmware, the password for the display setting input current is 159873.

Okay, that was sneaky :thinking: I never would have guessed that.

“Firmware Upgrade” only appears in the menu if you follow that path. It says I’m up to date.

Touchscreen would not let me change the input current even after entering passcode. It’s stuck on 15A. I’ll get it replaced eventually.

Even after entering the password, the touch screen does not allow the input current to be changed. Do you have the silent mode on? If so, please turn off the silent mode and try to see if you can adjust the current.