Bluetti AC50S AC charging port issue

Have had the Bluetti AC50S AC since March 2021 and have noticed in the past few months the charging port in the back not connecting very well with the provided AC charger.

Sometimes AC charging will stop and wiggling the charging plug will get it going again.

Is there a way to permanently fix this?

Had anyone successfully replaced the port on the AC50S and the AC charging brick with a much more secure charging connector?

Is it possible to replace the port on the unit with a new tighter one?

Hi @user123

i cant provide a solution for your problem but wanna give you a little warning.

If the plug doenst fit in the charging port anymore and is kinda loose, you might can overheat the charging port because of the poor connection.

So have a eye on it while charging.


@user123 It is possible that the AC input interface or the adapter interface is loose. I suggest you contact the seller for a replacement.

Contacted Bluetti by email.
Let’s see what happens.

Bluetti is sending out another charging unit for my AC50S.
The unit is out of warranty.

Bluetti states that the charging port on the AC50S is not a user-serviceable item.

Has anyone successfully replaced that AC50S charging port on the unit with something more secure, like an Anderson powerpole connector?

Simple fix vs. replacing the port is to crimp the male end of the connector just slightly so its just out of round. This will hold it in the female end of the AC input interface on the unit.