Bluetti ac300 starts smoking then goes pop twice

Hi everyone,
Bought the Bluetti ac300 with 4 batteries, had it running perfectly for the first 3 days. Came home from shopping and went to check on it and could smell smoke and came out and saw smoke coming from the ac300 then 2 sudden pops one after the other. the screen on the unit said to turn everything off and shut it down , which i did. I disconnected everything and let everything cool down, fire extinguisher close by. A few hours later i thought i better see if the batteries were ok. I noticed one battery on and couldn’t turn it off. Another battery would not turn on at all, the other 2 batteries were ok. I rang my supplier where i purchsed it from and have lodged it with Bluetti, had me do a plan and wiring diagram of my setup and how its installed. i read through the forum and found a few other similar issues and problems similar to this. I hope it can be resolved.
Regards, Kevin

@aussieborn67 I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please provide me with the order number then we can process the return? When the machine is returned to the maintenance warehouse, our maintenance personnel will check it according to the problem, find out the cause and provide corresponding solutions.