Bluetti AC300 Solar Panel Attachment

Hello, I installed the AC300x2 B300 and I connected my 6 - 100w 12v solar panels in parallel for a 600w system. When I connected my solar system to the AC300 the solar system is only producing 150w in full sun. Why am I getting so little wattage out of my solar system?

Because you connected them in parallel instead of connecting them in a series which will raise the voltage while keeping the amperage the same. The way you have them connected in parallel keeps the voltage low but raises the amperage above the level that the AC300 can take in so in essence you are limiting the amount of energy into your AC300.

Thank you, Scott. I wrote down the specs for 100w panel: Panel: Pmax 100w 12v Vpm 17.3v Ipm 5.38a Voc 21.6v. Isc 6.13a. Yes, the current is additive if in parallel making it 32.28amps total. If I do panels in series amps will be 5.38a and voltage additive for a total of 103.8v approximate. Right?

Almost. You want to times the 21.6V (VOC) X your six panels which is a little less than 130 volts total and will work fine. Alternatively, you could connect three panels in one series and a the second three panels in a seperate series and then parallel connect the two sets of three panels. This would cut to voltage to around 65 and the amps to a little under 12.25 amps. In the real world, you won’t see the full 12.25 amps but approx. 20% less. or around 10 amps.

But…I would connect all in series first just to see how they run and then experiment with the series / parallel combo just for fun.

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Hi Scott, I finally got an answer from Bluetti and this is what they sent me

“ Hi Frank,

Thank you for contacting us.

Could you check if AC300 can be charged by car please? If it can be charged by car, then DC input port of AC300 should have no problem. Please follow the below steps.

Did you connect the panels in parallel and turn on PV mode? If you did, could you cross test each of your panels please? Please use multimeter to check every pair of panels, if the voltage is abnormal, maybe one of the panels has problems. If panels all have normal output, please check connections cable, also include MC4 cable, to see if these cables have output. Please send pictures or videos if you test. Thank you so much for your patience.

Best regards,


Note: Bluetti also sent me a pic of “PV Parallel Enable” ON the AC300 display.

Bluetti does not make sense. Your suggestion sounds more believable.

Scott, what if, leave the system parallel and I disconnect 1 - 12v 100w panel and that would make amps less than 30 amps.

Not sure where the 30 amps is coming from, but the input limit of the AC300 is 12 amps. Two of your panels in parallel will exceed the 12 amp limit and anything over 12 amps will not be used.

I am not sure if you are connecting all your solar input to one of the DC input ports or if you are using both input ports. If you are using a single input port (simplest) then all 6 panels would need to be connected in series to work. If you are using both DC input ports then you would want to connect three panels wired in series to one DC input port and the other three panels wired in series connected to the second DC input port.

You can connect in parallel if desired, but you are limiting yourself to a maximum of 12 amps of input which in your case is around 200 watts maximum input no matter how many of your panels you connect in parallel.

Thank you, Scott. My mistake on the amps. I thought the Bluetti limit was 30 amps. Each panel is 5.28 amps, so 5 panels would be under 30 amps, in parallel. So, ok, if the limit is 12 amps, then I will reconfigure parallel setup to series. Actually the settings are preset to 15 amps, still less than 30 amps. Thanks, again, for all your input.

I recommend keeping a multimeter on hand to verify voltages/amps before connecting to any solar generator.

You can also purchase one of these to run in-line to a so-gen (with an input under 60v) which helps as well!!

That’s a nice little device; however, it seems to be limited to 60 volts max; whereas the AC300 can have up to 150 volts for solar input.


@hnymann good catch! Those inline meters are def suited more for power stations with smaller mppt (up to 60v) inputs.

All in all, the handy multi-meter is going to be everyone’s best bet. :metal: :metal:

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Yeah, I’m not sure why you generally can’t find them capable of over 60 volts. That said, 60 volts is pretty much always going to be enough to test one panel and/or one cable at a time to try to isolate a problem with an array. But yeah, learning how to use and read a multimeter is extremely valuable here.

Thank you again, Scott. I rewired the 6 panels and 125.9v at 430p and 403 watts. It’s working like a charm. And I was surprised at how easy it was to rewire the system. Now, I will just sit back and enjoy my Bluetti. I was thinking of taking the Bluetti camping but each battery is 70 lbs. still thinking about it. Next project to to convert my Honda Element to a small RV and use my Bluetti to power all my needs. Thanks and take care.

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