Bluetti AC300 Panel not work, can't enable or disable AC/DC setting

I have an AC300 with three batteries and it was working fine up to now. I tried to switch on DC power and it does nothing. I switched off the complete system and started it again.

If I want to enable AC or DC I get the question if YES or NO, and then I select YES. But nothing happens at all! Also other settings in the panel are shown but there is no reaction! The panel itself seems to work I can select some options but others don’t work at all, e.g. AC or DC on/off, Green Mode on/off. Even the Wifi or Bluetooth setting does not change.
I can connect with bluetooth and switch on AC OR DC using the app. But it does not work if I clock on the panel.
Is there some kind of reset or how can this be fixed?

There is a factory reset setting (it is not in the AC300 User Manual). At the AC300 menu screen, select “Settings” them press “NEXT” until the last screen which has two options: “Sleep Time” and “Restore Factory Settings”. This may have a U.S.A. switch. Press it, and the next screen shows: “Are you sure you want to restore this device to its factory settings?”, and two options “YES” and “NO”. Just press “YES” then I recommend a shutdown to restart the AC300. I hope this helps!

Yes, I have seen this, too. But I can’t select: if I press the button then it asks for sure and then I see defaults for EU, UK, US and so one. But whatever I press it would show the field and it does nothing. This is the same effect as other options which simply don’t react.
Is there another way of reset?

Probably the touch panel may be having problems. Contact Bluetti service for an evaluation and a decision. You might have to get a replacement as the AC300 is very difficult to be serviced by a layperson user.

I have already send two mails to the support address about that issue. Up to now I did not receive any answer :-(