Bluetti AC300 not charging from pve, set up wrong?

I just hooked my Ac300/B300 for the first time, after fully discharging it as recommended, and charged it back successfully with AC wall charging. Then I set it to PVE and it shows 78 volts coming in but no charging is happening, and it’s not showing any watts on the front panel at all. I have four Renogy Solar Panels 320W 24V Monocrystalline, set as two sets of two in series with each other, and both of those paralleled together into the provided MC4 cable. What is wrong? Ty!

@TSnow , Can you try it with a car charging to see if it works properly?

I’m sure you probably already checked this, but I was fooled the first time around. I was trying to charge via solar and forgot that the batteries were already at 100%, fully charged. In that case, you will see the voltage but no current or power coming in. I only suggest this because you mention you just charged it up with the AC wall charging.

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It charges from the wall ok. So here are some current photos, I get voltage but no watts. I have it in parallel, with the setting for it turned on. I have both pv1 and pv2 turned on as well. Do I have it connected right at the mc4? I have everything into the mc4 V1.

@TSnow , I’m very sorry for the late reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday.
I found that there is an error reported in the display, can you click in to see what error is reported?

Hi, I got wattage to work with series, two each connected with each other, each of those in the 2 mc4 connections (that keeps each as a series, correct? ) but not with the parallel connections set up, it didn’t seem to register any watts at all that way, even with parallel button pushed, just voltage. but here it is on a sunny day and the wattage is half of what is should be. High noon, no clouds, at 45 degrees in upstate New York. I bought the units straight from your company, so you should have all the shipping, etc on file, Huguenot, NY 12746. I shot a video for you. I purchased a battery cable accessory from you, I can check it with a 100AH battery when It comes. I have not checked the four 320 renogy Solar panels with a voltmeter. I did not see an error number listed, just that there was an error, pressing next on that page would not go forward. Thank you for any help you can give! I can’t seem to get the video uploaded in the format requested. Here are some picts.

According to your picture shows that now can charge, you may open the PV parallel mode before the charge can not be charged.

Could you repeat what you are trying to say, in a different way? What do you mean “ before the charge can not be charged.”

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I’m very sorry for the confusion.
What I meant was that you probably turned on PV parallel mode before and that’s why it didn’t charge

No, I had the Branch Y Connector in Pair MMF+FFM for Parallel Connection Between Solar Panels hooked up, and the parallel button on for that, and got volts only. I still want to hook it back up in parallel. What causes only the volts to be shown? Is my unit defective?

@TSnow , No need to turn on the parallel button

I was under the impression that parallel would be better since we live in upstate New York and often have cloudy days, and also won’t I go over the voltage when I add my two other 320 watt 24 volt panels if I keep it in series?

When connected in series, as long as the total open circuit voltage of the solar panel does not exceed 150V, it will be fine.

AC300 has two MPPTs, you can connect two separate solar panels, which are equivalent to parallel connection, but do not need to open the PV parallel enable, this mode is used for two connections to a solar panel with open circuit voltage less than 150V and power greater than 1200W.