BLUETTI AC300&B300 Modular System has exceeded 50,000 units sold in the US!

:heart_on_fire:As a token of our appreciation, AC300&B300 Epic Limited-time OFFER is here. :heart_on_fire:

:battery:AC300+B300, US$2,999
Get another $10 off for this combo with promo code FB10

:battery:AC300+B300+PV350, US$3599
Add $600 for a 350W solar panel BLUETTI PV350

:zap:Surprise Released
BLUETTI hat or T-shirt for free when you order any AC300-related products during the event!

:loud_sound: :loud_sound: 800 sets limited. While supplies last, don’t miss out!

AC300&B300 Limited time offer

Congrats! How are the European AC300 model sales doing?
I got your European 230v model of the AC300. Fully charged and waiting to help me through any power emergency.

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I already have two AC300 and B300 system that I purchased September 2021. Can I buy the T-shirt by itself?

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@Raymondjram Please check your private message so that I can better arrange for you :)

@TheQuickFox Although the AC300&B300 system was launched in Europe later than in the US, its sales in Europe are also very impressive.
It’s very glad to know that our products can help you. And thanks again for your great support on BLUETTI!

The Bluetti T-shirt arrived yesterday. It came in a 3X large size so it is big for me but I can use it. Thank you for the shirt.

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@Raymondjram Glad to know that you have received it :grinning:

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