BLUETTI AC300&B300 Modular System has exceeded 50,000 units sold in the US!

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:battery:AC300+B300+PV350, US$3599
Add $600 for a 350W solar panel BLUETTI PV350

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Congrats! How are the European AC300 model sales doing?
I got your European 230v model of the AC300. Fully charged and waiting to help me through any power emergency.

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I already have two AC300 and B300 system that I purchased September 2021. Can I buy the T-shirt by itself?

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@Raymondjram Please check your private message so that I can better arrange for you :)

@TheQuickFox Although the AC300&B300 system was launched in Europe later than in the US, its sales in Europe are also very impressive.
It’s very glad to know that our products can help you. And thanks again for your great support on BLUETTI!

The Bluetti T-shirt arrived yesterday. It came in a 3X large size so it is big for me but I can use it. Thank you for the shirt.

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@Raymondjram Glad to know that you have received it :grinning:

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Anything for us Canadians?
I am looking for an AC300 B300 combo too!

Of course this is good news regarding the overall acceptance of such products like AC300 or AC500 and the upcoming EP600.
However some aspects still need to be improved in the given products and models in order to get better user experience and valuable functions. In my view one key thing is the mobile app and its limited functions.

@snowstorm The limited-time sale of AC300 in the U.S. has now come to an end.
I have submitted your feedback to the relevant sales person and I will let you know once there is a discount on the AC300+B300 combo at CA site. :)

Please read your customer inputs. We are getting 025/026 errors on our AC300/B300 systems and we are very frustrated with Bluetti’s customer service. I’m sure sales would be better if Bluetti would do better for us.

@tpkidd3 Which UPS mode setting do you have? Please change the UPS mode from Custom mode to PV priority mode. See if the error report disappears and the machine works normally?
The error is still reported, please try to reduce the input current.
If that doesn’t work, try restoring the factory settings.

Hello. Can you stack one B300 on top of an AC300. Thanks

Like to give a shout out to Annie in Customer service. She addressed my situation right away.

I am convinced this is a firmware issue. This is our second AC300. The first AC300 had the same problems and we went through the same changing settings to try and resolve them. Ultimately, the first unit fail. Please review the notes associated with my account to see the history of that issue.

The simultaneous 025/026 errors occur when there are issues with shore power quality, like weather, etc. Recently the 025/026 errors occured during a windstorm when shore power was being impacted. Obviously this is ironic since just before a power outage is the worst time for an AC300 to fail.

Bluetti needs to make some changes to the firmware. The systems should be more tolerant of low quality shore power. If it does need to disconnect from shore power, it should do it gracefully, and continue running on battery power. It should not trip 025/026 and shut down. Then, when shore power returns, it should automatically reconnect and restore normal operations. It should not require manually resetting.

Probably the single biggest complaint from your user base is that the system should not require manually resetting from the control panel. You must enable some type of remote access.

Looking at community posts you will see there are dozens of us actively discussing this issue. Which means there are hundreds, maybe thousands more suffering in silence.

I commented on this post because I believe Bluetti can do better. There is great potential. Create a stable, stand alone product that just works and Bluetti will dominate the market.

To wrap up this post, I would be happy to try new settings and make adjustments to my second AC300 if it wasn’t for my experience with my first AC300. If you would be able to send me a third AC300 I could have at the ready when this one fails, sure. But that isn’t likely.

Please let me know if you have new ideas. But I am concerned trying the old ones will have the same effects as last time. And I cannot afford to be without power for an extended period of time, like last time.


AC300 is lighter than B300.
It is recommended that AC300 be placed on top and b300 be placed below.

Received. Based on your request I am consulting with the engineers involved in the AC300 project and will let you know as soon as I have an answer.
By the way, your AC300 firmware versions are all up-to-date, right?

Thought. High reliability backup generators, like those used in hospitals, have the capability to sense degrading line power and will preemptively switch to generator power. It is likely the parameters they are sensing comply with a NIST standard. Simulating those conditions may be a way to cause this fault in the lab.