Bluetti AC30 Unboxing Video

Hi everyone, my AC30 finally arrived last night so I made a quick unboxing video. Sorry for the poor light and angle. I didn’t have much equipment to work with :slight_smile:

Unboxing video here: Bluetti AC30 Unboxing - YouTube

I will update with my review after I have a chance to test the product.



Thanks for sharing @Sunjkumar! Cant wait to see some more of your tests! Mine came last night as well and will try and have some fun with it this weekend.

For some reason at first glance it reminds me of Wall-e’s head…:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::crazy_face: yes it was a quick glance

Post with my full review is here: Bluetti AC30 Review and Unboxing

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