***Bluetti AC30 Unboxing & Review (good product)

The Bluetti AC30 came well packed with foam inserts to prevent damages.

Unboxing: Bluetti AC30 UNBOXING! Portable Power Station, 300Wh, 12.8v 24ah - YouTube

The unit is a small and portable. Some of the features:

15-25v/150watt Max

One: USB-C
One: USB-A
One: Fast Charge Wireless Charging
One: DC 12v/10amp
One: Light (low/High/SOS)
Two 120v outlet (wall outlets)


AC outlets:
I tested this device on a Sony 42” 1080p tv, Logitech c920 webcam, and 2018 MacBook Air 13” (11% battery) while streaming on Zoom. It did great during this test.

Start: 4:40pm
End: 8:19pm

Wireless charging:
Works with Iphone Pro Max 512GB and Samsung Note 9. The note 9 was able to utilize the fast charging! I wished iPhones could do this as well. Both passed with no issues.

12v outlet:
I tested with my portable camping refrigerator/cooler. Massimo CX40 (bought from Costco). This ran it well with no issues. I’m looking forward to using this for my summer camping trips!

I light this feature (low/high/sos). About a week ago, my power was out and this would have been nice to have around.

- Long battery life: LiFePO4 3500+ cycle!
- The fan is quiet (I did not hear it while charging)
- Fast wireless option
- Small and portable! (Emergency, camping, travel, etc)
- Solar charging (25v/150watts)
- This is a great unit to have for small devices under 300watts draw!

- Wished it had a battery percentage display instead of just 5 bars
- Slow charging with supplied power (46 watts input/around 8hrs or so) and it got HOT

The Bluetti AC30 is a great unit to have around. The price is good for the performance. Yes, there are some limitations to this unit as you have read in the cons but I think the pros outweighs it. I will be buying a higher output dc plug (100watts) and charge the unit in half the time.

Conclusion: I think this is unit is a great buy. I will be using this to power my portable refrigerator/cooler, lights, iPads, and iPhones during our camping trips and emergency power outages.


Great review and great first post…With regards to buying another charger, I tried three different chargers ranging from 21 volts (120 watts) , 19 volts (90 watts) and one that was exactly 14.5 volts (90 watts). The only one that worked was the 14.5 volt and it only worked for about 30 minutes before the AC30 began drawing too many amps and overloaded it. The only mild success I had was building a parallel cable and using two OEM chargers in pairs. I got 80 watts output for about an hours but after the battery voltage increases that extra charge wattage drops to around 60. Search for my review for details.

Thanks for the info! Guess, I need to buy another OEM brick to try this.