Bluetti Ac30 review

I bought this unit to power my 42qts dc fridge. It is well built, very sturdy, and has an easily readable LED screen. The handle on top is easy to lift up, it come with an Ac adapter no car charger no mc4 Cable. It has two AC outlets, one car cigarette port, two USB outlets, and one type C port. This power station good for charging phone throne fan dc fridge. Lifepo4 battery with stable voltage so there is no battery loss due to regulated 12v compare to other power station, lifepo4 battery you can expect more run time. This Ac30 kept my 42qts ran for 47 hours and the battery voltage stay at 12 volt when I unplug it so it’s still got about 10 percent battery life left. By the way I set the fridge at 32 degree F. I charge it up from 10 percent to 100 percent: my watt meter show it took 308 watt hour. So this Ac30 got about 340wh. :+1:

Pros: lifepo4 battery chemistry.
Emergency light.
Wireless charging 15w.
Light weight.
Fast charge using solar or a power supply.

Con: there’s no percentage battery number, only 5 bar of battery status.

Note: this unit charge at 15 volt max. It’s lock at 15 volts. As I charge this unit with my 200 w panel ocv 21 volt it drop down to 15.6 volt at 8.6 amp. With my power supply, I crank it up over 15 volts it won’t charge, drop it down to 14.8 volt unplug and plug it back in, it charge at 14.8 volt at 9.7 amp or 144 watts. Fast charge it a little over 2 hours.

Highly recommended Great product, same as bluetti ac50s Meet all specs.


Thx for sharing your experience

Thanks for sharing @KyleT !! I can’t wait to get mine!

Have you tried to charge it with the supplied ac charger? It took a lot longer for me to charge ac30 from no bar to 5 bars.

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You’re welcome. This is a great community forum for people to share there experience. I’m looking forward to read your thoughts and as well as many other members out there experiencing with this new unit Ac30.

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The supplied ac charger take a while to charge Rogerd. It’s only 43 watt. It took almost 8 hours to fully charge from empty to full.

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Can you share the charger you use? It seems pretty versatile.

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The no charging above 15 volts doesn’t make sense because the input port specs are 15 to 25 volts. If the AC30 won’t charge above 15 volts that would mean almost no solar panels including Bluetti’s own will not function with the AC30. I suspect something else was at play here. I will be getting an AC30 and will try some charging with different voltages. I have a 120 watt 19 volt charger that I can connect with a meter the same set up you have and I will report back the results.

If your solar panel ocv at 25 volt. The Ac30 will lock and stay at 15 volt scott-benson. The voltage will not go higher that’s what I mean! If you use a power supply crank it up above 15 volt it will not charge! Turn it down below like 14.6 it will charge.

It sound like maybe the wattage being exceeded is what may be the reason for the shutdown and lack of charging. When you lower the voltage to a point to where less than 150 watts is present, your charging begins. I have the same variable voltage power supply you are using and when I lower the voltage, the wattage drops as well when at the lower voltage ranges. The AC30 states on the front panel 15-25 volts DC 150 watts as the input specifications. If the limit was less than 15 volts, most solar panels could not be used and this does not sound correct.

There is another post here where a user tried his Jacker 1000 charger which is 24 volts and 100 watts. He indicated that the charging bar indicated charging but did not see another bar appear in 45 minutes of charging. Later he commented that it is working.

If wattage is the limiting factor, then perhaps over paneling is not an option here. I have a 19 volt charger that is 120 watts. If my theory above is correct it will charge the AC30. I will try tonight.

I like to make a correction. The Jackery 1000 AC charger is spec’ed to output 180w max. But when it was used to charge my Jackery 1000, I saw less than 150w of input. That was the reason to prompt me to give it a try on ac30.

Kyle, I am seeing the same results you have with the power supply only being able to charge the AC30 within a narrow 1.5 volt range. What I don’t understand is how the AC is able to charge from a solar panel with voltage above 15 but you cannot do the same thing with the power supply. I can’t run a panel right now due to darkness but I am concerned that solar charging with multiple panel types outputting different voltages will not charge the AC30. The AC30 should be indifferent to the source of the voltage and I can’t understand how the power supply won’t work but a solar panel operating at higher voltage will.

I also had a 19 volt 120 watt charger and it will not charge and performs exactly like the variable power supply when adjusted to 19 volts. There are no input watts and the AC30 has to have the input cable removed and re-inserted to begin charging again.


Scott, I will test again tomorrow using different solar panel with different voltage let see how it goes. My foldable solar panel range from 20 to 25 volt. I’m pretty sure that it will charge but I doubt that the voltage would not go higher than 16 volt, I tested it last time with 200 watt panel it charge at 15.6 volt 8.6 amp. I had other 300watt lifepo4 power station that act the same way as Ac30. It took 190 watt in at 15.4 volt At 12.4 amp, and my solar panel ocv is 25 volt, I guess the Bms is restricting high voltage charge but don’t misunderstand it will charge. Pls update what you’re experiencing with your solar panel charge scott!

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I forgot about that adapter (adjustable). Wow it can go up to 480w…

Dang already out of stock…I check this bluetti forum daily, how did I miss this thread.

I’m thinking about getting this as alternative to the bluetti AC adapter (lovingly known as the brick) since no telling when the 400w+ brick will be in-stock again.

Is this a good alternative? Looks like I’ll need an adapter to be able to connect to the PV input on the AC200p.

Just noticed it does say limited to 10A, fyi

I did a full review here on my AC30 with solar charging specs.

Summary…I tested charging with four solar panels and all four charged just fine. The most interesting thing is that the charging voltage on all four was almost an identical 14.74 volts.

I tested with:
Jackery Solar 60
Acopower 120 watt
Paxcess 120 watt
Aiper 160
Late in the day with total clouds and poor solar charging conditions. I will check again on a few when I have full sun just to make sure the voltage stays below 15 and continues to charge. Below is the text of the solar panel portion of my review with numbers on each panel:

Below are my individual results for each panel . The day was very cloudy and 4:30 in the afternoon with low sun. Bad solar conditions, but I was mainly wanting to verify charging with each panel. The watts achieved cannot be used for a solar efficiency comparison because the sun was rapidly changing due to cloud cover.

Bluetti 120 watt folding:white_check_mark:
I bought four but did not have them on hand to test with my AC30. When I tested them on my AC200 they ran very well, had great power output and are ruggedly built of high quality materials. I recommend them for the AC30, 50 or AC200 as a panel that works on everything. Since an MC4 to 7909 adapter cable is not included with the AC30, it would have to be purchased separately. These panels can be connected in pairs or even more for the AC200 series. At the time of this review they are available on the Bluetti website for $309.99 on sale.

Paxcess 120 watt folding :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: ……22.81 VOC…13.74 Volts under load…36.01 watts
*(I would recommend this panel for the AC30 and AC50 Bluetti because it comes with a multi connector cable that will connect directly to the 7909 input port of the Bluetti. It is a fairly low cost panel and is well build. It does NOT have MC4 connections though so this should be considered in a single panel configuration only.

Acopower 120 watt folding :+1: :+1: :+1: ……23.96 VOC…13.74 Volts under load…35.3 watts
This panel works very well and is thin and light. It is more costly and if using for an AC30 or 50, I think the better bang for the buck is the Paxcess above. It does come with MC4 connections and can be connected with multiple panels if needed for increased output. This is a feature that the Paxcess cannot duplicate

Jackery Solar Saga 60 :+1: :+1: :+1: ……26.28 VOC…13.53 Volts under load…15.4 watts
The Jackery solar saga panel cable terminates with a male 7909 connector which mates directly to the Bluetti AC30 and 50. The Jackery panels are very easy set up and built well. They are pricey but work well. They cannot be connected in pairs without purchasing additional costly adapter cables but it is do-able.

Aiper 160 watt folding :+1: :+1: …24.01 VOC…13.76 Volts under load…30.5 watts (very weak sun)
The Aiper 160 is a recent panel for me and I recommend it if you can find them for the $199 I paid. This will give you a single panel with a rated 160 watts. The panel has a cable that is removeable and begins with and XT60 connection and terminates with a 5525 male plug. Several adapters that will connect to the AC30 or 50. I personally made a 10 foot XT60 to MC4 cable so I can connect it to anything.

One interesting thing with the voltage under load is most panels were outputting around 13.75 volts. Almost too much of a coincidence. I think that has to due with the AC30 charge regulation. Not sure why the Jackery was lower unless it was due to it being a much smaller panel


Roxie60 that charger work really well. Charging rate can go up to 450 watt. Connect with mc4 or xt60 xt90 to your need!

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Outstanding review scott!

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