BLUETTI AC200P wont stay on

Hello, i have my bluetti 200P powering a single Plume WIFI access point located = in a treehouse in my yard for Wifi. After an hour or so the battery turns itself off, I can speculate that the load is so low the unit decides to power off.

Help we need our wifi to stay on , does anyone have any advice to keep the unit powered up?
I have it hooked to a single solar panel to keep the battery topped up. The battery has lots of charge.


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I think it maybe due to a low wattage feature on the 200p. If u r charging small demand devices ecomode will likely shut down the bluetti ac200p (many smaller devices don’t need more than an hour to recharge, hence the ecomode to save watts for more demanding devices). Seems like kinda a big box to just b powering low voltage wifi. Perhaps a smaller bluetti sogen would meet ur wifi requirement better (not shut off ).

No sure that is answer u r looking for, u could turn ecomode off but in my humble opinion an ac200p to power just wifi may not be best match. I’m sure others here w/ more experience will chime in.

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Well I appreciate the input, I will turn off eccomode and see if that helps, i will let you know.


Eco mode being turned off should work. However be aware that the AC200 consumes power just being on and consumes even more with the AC switched on without anything connected consuming power. What you will see is the battery draining more rapidly than anticipated due to the idle power consumption and low watt load. Kind of like using a dump truck to haul a zip lock baggie of feathers and then seeing you are only getting 5 miles per gallon.


Frankly, if you are powering such a low load, you are better off using a smaller unit with less consumption of standby power. Or maybe better yet, use a regular UPS here if that is all you are using it for in that location.

I use a regular UPS for our cable modem and wifi router, which will get about 4 hours of run time. But usually, if the power is out for more than an hour or so, I plug the UPS into my EB55 to keep it going almost indefinitely, since the modem and router need less than 15 watts.


@bruce1 Hi bruce1

Sorry for the inconvenience.
It seems like your device is small-demand. Please try to charge other devices and see if the AC200P works. If it works, you may need a smaller unit. If it doesn’t work, please let me know.

All DC to AC inverter has an idle power draw even when there is no load on the AC side. I don’t know what the idle inverter load is for AC200P, but typically it is around 1% of max inverter power. So in this case it may be around 20W since it has a 2000w inverter. If your load only is 10W (typical wifi router) then you energy efficiency is going to be really bad, like 30%.

Here is a thread that might give you more info on how ac200p works…Super Eco Mode?