Bluetti AC200MAX turns off randomly (still has charge)

I purchased a Bluetti AC200MAX in September 2022 and on three occasions, it has turned off by itself, causing me issues.

The first occasion, it was running an Engle 12v fridge via DC power (ac/inverter turned off) and plugged into the AC power brick to keep the bluetti charged. This was the night before our camping trip. I checked on the bluetti in the morning and it was turned off. I turned it back on again and it was showing 100%, however all of the food in our fridge was warm because the fridge wasn’t running…

The second occasion, it turned off camping overnight, when it had %30 battery left.

The third occasion (today), I plugged the bluetti into the AC charger brick (ac output turned off) and it overnight, it turned off. In the morning, I noticed it was off, turned it on and it read 100% charge, just like the first time.

Has anyone else experience this? Any ideas on a fix?

Just to clarify, There’s a setting for this, It’s called eco mode. If there is no electrical load for an extended period of time the unit will shut off rather than waste power keeping the inverter running without any load. It makes perfect sense to do this as the unit will drain itself even with no load on it. This is also an issue with things like refrigerators that run intermittently. The refrigerator cycles off and there’s no load on the inverter, the unit detects no load after a set amount of time a shuts off. For this exact reason you can turn eco mode off in the settings so it will not shut off for intermittent loads.

To rule this out: Can you try draining the battery empty until the unit shuts down and then charge it completely using utility to make sure the battery meter is calibrated?

Thanks for the responses.

@doecliff does eco mode just turn the inverter off? Or the whole unit? In each of my cases, the whole unit was off. No green light around the power button. I wasn’t using the inverter in these scenarios, just DC in scenarios 1 and 2, and nothing in scenario 3.

@TheQuickFox funny you mention that video - For my 3rd scenario, I was actually running through these steps. I did the controlled power drain to zero, plugged the AC brick in and left it to charge overnight. In the morning it was 100%, however the unit was off.

Yes, it will turn off the entire unit, it wouldn’t matter if you were only using DC or AC. Just turn off eco mode and see if it solves your problem.