Bluetti AC200Max thinks my solar panels are a car

Hi I recently purchased a Bluetti AC200Max. I have yet to purchase a solar array but I am currently testing it with a 150Watt KickAss portable solar panel (within spec for charging this model of Bluetti). The panel comes with its own MPPT controller which I removed, assuming the Bluetti has its own controller to do that work (is that correct?) The OCV of the PV array as registered by the Bluetti is about 20V (which, although low, is within spec, I believe).
As soon as I plug the PV array in, the Bluetti comes on automatically. For a very brief instant it registers that a PV has been plugged in and starts to count incoming watts. The display then clicks to the car icon and registers 0 Watts.
I went to settings and tried to get Bluetti to manually switch to the PV setting (away from the car setting) but it wouldn’t allow this.
The panels have good sunlight shining on them. All connections are secure and correct. The Bluetti doesn’t register any fault.
Can you please help me work out what is going on here and how to fix it? I could send a short video of the display behaviour and images of other components and connections if that would be useful,

Ok. This is Jan again. I discovered that you have to switch to PV before plugging the solar panels in. My 150 Watt panels (OCV 20V) are now charging at the rate of about 25Watts. I’m happy that something is going in there! It demonstrates that things are working at least to some extent. But with good sun on the panels, why such a low input rate from a 150Watt panel. Would this be improved by reconnecting the MPPT controller that came with the panels?
Thanks again

I have same AC200 Max but 1x LG 235 watt solar Panel
and im getting on a sunny day circa am 12.00 - 2.00 pm 135watts to 218watts.

Average : 180 watts

As far as i know you should not connect anything else to your folding Panels system
The AC 200 Max does it all .

Others can chime in to confirm .

Thanks delucas that’s what I thought but I also thought I’d see what others had to say about it.

My thought is that your solar panel is not outputting the voltage it is specified and is lower than expected. This could cause the default to car charge mode as well as less than expected wattage output. This all assumes that you have the panels exposed to full sun, aligned and tilted correctly.