Bluetti AC200max-- blank/black touchscreen- HELP

Our unit seemed to be charged, green light on (although it goes off on it’s own after a couple minutes), but the TOUCH SCREEN is totally black/blank.
We tried to reset it by holding the on button for 10 seconds, but nothing brings back the touch screen. What do we do?

I will do this to test:
plug in the ac-dc adapter, turn on your AC200max and wait 15 seconds and see if the charger light turns red.

If you do not have the grid at hand, plug the AC200max into your vehicle’s cigarette port or solar panels and turn on your AC200MAX.

if you have not yet done so: download the bluetti application on the phone, activate bluetooth, location, launch the app and try to connect via bluetooth to your ac200max.

Tell us the result of all this.

@Jazz Can you operate AC200MAX through APP? If possible, please provide the SN and firmware version, and I will check if it can be solved by updating the firmware. If it doesn’t work, please contact the after-sales department for repair.