Bluetti ac200max app

Intead of birth day banner that take over 70% screen add function wifi and we ll all ok :-/

Hi @Kvmp

welcome to the bluetti community. What exactly is your problem? Where do you need some help?


Hi @Selfmadestrom
Thanks for welcoming. We just acquire your AC200MAX + B230(x1) for total ~4096kW and this is for home “permanent” use. Overall we are pleased with the product. For the iOS I use it’s annoying for 2 points :

  • Connect to my AC200MAX ONLY with Blutooth. I am not in apartment but big house so need each time to come near Bluetti, luch app (see the birthday advert wayy!) again… That’s very annoying…

  • The banner announcing(marketing!) taking space on the app, it hide essentials…

… Ok you know for the router you have ADMIN page that inform you infos, stat etc… Well it should have same for the Bluetti device. Consumption, spend, stat, percent… Maybe with some graph etc… I think you know and understand what I mean. Instead of that we got a small app with some birthday/Marketing … Come on guys…
Your product is great, looking good. So now you have to IMPROVE the app(Server?..). I would recommend :

  • an admin browser page with API for link with other smart obj.

  • WIFI connect (of course !!)

  • you can keep Blutooth if you want and app why not…


@Kvmp Feedback received.
The AC200MAX model has been on the market for a while, and its original design only included Bluetooth connectivity, without WiFi. If you want Bluetooth and WiFi, consider the upgraded version, the AC200L, or the IP65-rated AC240.

Regarding the birthday marketing banner in the app, this is a marketing strategy from the app department. You can directly contact them via to provide your feedback. I will also synchronize your input to the app department. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the joke! Good day :sweat_smile: