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When in Europe available?

Very exciting! When will it be available in Canada? and when will the D40 voltage regulator be released?

Great price well worth the money.Absolute power house off a machine

Is there a gradation somewhere to compare the difference variations of the AC200? Is see P, Max, L… bit confused with the product line :slight_smile:

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@Colm reading about the topic led me here, you’re probably looking for this too:

When I see this, I honestly think that if the contest earns us an AC200L, it will do nicely in my kid’s school, as part of the “science” labs since they’re very much into renewables :slight_smile:


thanks lady, AC200L seems like the best of all worlds now. Max was lacking proper UPS, seems solved :four_leaf_clover:


in a nutshell, AC200L is a condensate of AC300 goodness, without the bulky rigid cable… slightly less output and slightly less capacity.
But honestly, as a “long time” AC300 user, I don’t mind loosing 600W output and 1kWh storage if the flip side is portability with real UPS capabilities. For the same encumbrance as AC300, there’s AC500 that’s really worth every dime. I mean, you run a washing machine AND a dryer in parallel. That’s… wow. Considering my other beloved brand, Victron, I’d need more thn the mid-tier 4000W series to achieve the same. Copper plates instead of regular wires, and that kind of trouble is involved.

I think they nailed here… first AC200Max was appealing, but given its DC only input, I skipped. Now they made it UPS capable and 1200W solar enabled, well, maybe AC200L is the best product of the lineup… sharing the podium with AC500 for more “sedentary” use.


Looks like you quite like it. Did you try one, or is only based on the spec sheet?

Didn’t try it yet. I trust the spec sheet and the consistent experience with the brand :+1:t2:


If that confuses you, check out the EB200 & EB200P as well :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sorry, due to production capacity and logistics factors, the AC200L is expected to be launched in Europe and the UK in March 2024.

The AC200L is expected to be launched in Canada in January 2024. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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