Bluetti AC200 Randomly quits charging

I am running this item as an emergency backup power source for my security system alarm and router power source. Twice this unit has quit charging and drained the battery to 0%

Hard to say without any information on how and what with your are charging and under what conditions along with settings of the machine. Could be a simple as a bad cable end.

Hi @bluetti_marvintmbicompaniescom
Can you tell us, which UPS mode do you use and how you set up your unit?

That might be a normal behavior and just a wrong configuration for your needs

@bluetti_marvintmbicompaniescom Do you mean that you charge AC200 via AC adapter and load a device at the same time? Also, what device did you load with AC200?

The AC adaptor connects into a 20 AMP 120V AC outlet service, then I connect my adtran connect and building alarm system into the 120v AC outlet on the Bluetti. It will randomly quit charging, then run the battery completely down and not come back on. Quite annoying. I have never sleep enabled other than that there is no other settings to change.

Also Power incoming 440w outgoing to devices

@bluetti_marvintmbicompaniescom I suggest that you can change an AC adaptor to test again.

So purchase another ac adaptor (Bluetti power brick is what I am referring to in the earlier post) from Bluetti for a rather new product to see if that fixes my problem. Wow…

I have one of the original AC 200s as well (but not heavily used) that uses the AC power brick with no fan for charging. With the machine a couple of years old and if it has been in heavy use since purchase, I suppose a charging brick could go bad. I would think if the brick went bad it would go dead or possibly overheat and reset once it cooled off. One easy thing you might try is to place the charging brick on its side on top of an upside down aluminum cookie sheet. This would act like a heat sink somewhat and allow for a cooling airflow increase. This would be an easy way to rule out the power brick is simply getting too warm.

Ok I have rephrase my comment. This does not work in the capacity of an battery backup to offer 24/7 security as a backup system. I have followed the trouble shooting that has been suggested and with a similar result of failure.

If I am understanding the design of this system its just to keep it charged and manually switch to it in an outage event.

My own ignorance of the use of this product has led to my own disruption of service because the power supply is not rated for 24/7 use.

I have only had this device in use for 3 months (Purchased in May this year) with 4 failures and still have another unit in the box not being used because of my failure testing this one.

Doesn’t sound like you are willing to try any troubleshooting. If you are leaving the unit plugged in 24-7 then I wouldn’t be surprised that the hours put on the brick could have an effect on the lifespan.