Bluetti AC200 Frequently asked questions

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By Bluetti Team
Feb 4, 2021 • 5:41AM

Dear backers,
Thank you so much for the love and support for the BLUETTI campaign. We are excited to announce that all the packages have been shipped to backers. For those of you who haven’t received your item, don’t worry, please feel free to contact us before Feb. 5TH.

In the past few months, we have collected some issues that our backers met during usage. Here are the corresponding solutions:

Q1: Cannot charge by Solar Panels.

A1: Please make sure you meet the below requirements when you choose solar panels for AC200:

  1. The total open-circuit voltage of the solar panels must fall in the range of 35v-150v, (A MINIMUM OF TWO BLUETTI SP120 PANELS ARE REQUIRED FOR CHARGING TO OCCUR) otherwise, it may trigger low-voltage/over-voltage protection (AC200 will stop working and alert you with the error code on screen).
  2. The maximum current and power limitation for solar charging is 12A/ 700W. so if your total current/power exceeds 12A or 700w, The excess will simply be wasted.
  3. The temperature range for charging AC200 is between 0℃ to 40℃. / 0 to 32 F.
  4. The intensity of the sunlight, the angle you place the solar panels, and the conversion rate of the solar panel itself will affect the final efficiency of solar charging.
  5. While you are using solar panels, please make sure nothing covers the solar cells, or it might cause excessive local current and high temperature on that area, even burn out the panel.
  6. Switch to “ PV charging mode” in settings.
    If the above methods still don’t solve your problem, please send the following information to our mailbox:
  7. SN (on a white paper that paste on the AC200) and PN number (on the backside of the AC200)
  8. If the AC200 can be charged by the Car charging?
  9. A picture of “Fault History”
  10. A video that shows the problem.

Q2: How to connect the BLUETTI SP120 in series.

A2: Here is the video of how to charge the AC200 with multiple SP120 Solar Panels.

Q3: Cannot charge by Car charging.

A3: Check the following instruction:

  1. Make sure the voltage is 11.5V-14.4V/23V-28.8V.

  2. The current of the Cigarette lighter on your car must be 8.2A.

  3. Switch to “ CAR charging mode” in settings.

Q4: The wireless charging doesn’t work.

A4: Check the following instruction:

  1. When using wireless charging, the “DC” switch should be turned on.
  2. The wireless device needs to comply with Qi 1.2.4 standard.
  3. Please put the device vertically.
  4. The phone needs to be placed as below:
  5. The phone case should be taken off.

If the above methods still don’t solve your problem, please provide:

  1. SN (on a white paper that paste on the AC200) and PN number (on the backside of the AC200)
  2. The specification of the electric device.
  3. A picture of “Fault History”
  4. A video to show the problem.

Q5: The code 002 and 006 is displaying.

A5- It is normal for these two codes to appear when the unit is discharging.
002: PV voltage low – If no Car/Solar Charging, the code will appear
006: AC voltage low – If no AC Charging, the code will appear
But If the codes happen when charging, please contact us.

If the above methods still don’t solve your problem, contact us via email enclose the following information:

  1. SN (on a white paper that paste on the AC200) and PN number (on the backside of the AC200)
  2. A video to show the problem.
  3. A picture of “Fault History”

We, for sure, won’t ignore any messages from our customers, but we may need some time to write you back. Appreciate your understanding and patience.

Thank you
Best Regards,

How To Connect Multiple SP120 Solar Panels w/ BLUETTI Power Station.

How To Connect Multiple SP120 Solar Panels w/ BLUETTI Power Station.


Your list of solutions is excellent, but I recommend a fix for item 3 in solution A1.
The temperature range for charging AC200P is between 0°C to 40°C/ 32°F to 104°F.

The temperature range error has not been fixed.

Hi there. I just bought a used Bluetooth from someone who said they’ve never had a problem with it and it’s under a year old. Right not, it is just on, not charging anything, inside where it’s 70* and the system reads 100*. Is this what you’re speaking to?

Hi @Taytay,

Welcome to our community.
Please reset and use it to power your devices again. If it still doesn’t work, please ask the man who sold the unit to you for the order number. Our customer will deal with it.

Hi thank you for the reply. I should really check to see my spelling before I submit a comment. My concern is that the temperature of the unit is around 98-104 degrees when it is powering electronics and also when it is not powering electronics and it’s just been sitting there. That temperature seems high to me, but the online manual doesn’t mention that.

So weird. When the temperature is too high or too low, BMS will automatically protect the unit. Please contact our customer service.

My ac200 runs 98 to about 102. Charging creates quite a bit if heat as does using the inverter. Just having the ac200 on will also generate heat. The AC and DC buttons must both be off and not merely have nothing plugged into them to not consume power which generates heat. Once warmed up it also takes a long time for the warmth to dissipate and go back to normal temps.

There are several temperature sensors in the unit. One for the battery, one for the BMS, one for the inverter etc. You will see different temps depending on what function you are operating at the time. Your highest temps will be during charging and high wattage 120 volt output. One of my sensors also reads about 20 degrees F too low which was a common problem back in the day and I have ignored it.

Thank you very much! That answers all of my concerns.

The guy I bought it from ordered it from He gave me the receipt sale order #, is that what I need? Also, it is still under warranty. Is that all I need to pick aim a warranty in the future if needed? Thank you

Yes, that’s what you need. Please remember the order number. If the unit has any problems, you need to provide it as a purchasing proof.