BLUETTI AC180T: Uncompromising Flexibility & Durability

:battery: Removable Built-in Battery: The AC180T is equipped with a removable built-in battery. This unique feature allows for easy replacement and ensures the longevity of your power station, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

:electric_plug: Matte Battery Material: The battery material of the AC180T has been carefully selected, boasting a matte finish that not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides enhanced durability. Its resistance to scratches and wear ensures a lasting power solution that can withstand various environments.

:muscle: Strong Contact Sensitivity: The contact area between the machine and the battery in the AC180T exhibits exceptional sensitivity. This promotes a secure connection, reducing the risk of power interruptions or damage during usage.

:electric_plug: Extended Plug and Unplug Times: AC180T is designed to withstand numerous plug and unplug cycles, ensuring its long-lasting performance even with frequent use. Count on BLUETTI for enduring reliability.

:warning:Notes: For laboratory testing reference only, please do not repeatedly drop the battery during use.

Experience the BLUETTI difference with AC180T - where quality meets performance, and durability takes center stage.
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Game changer in sight :star_struck::clap::blue_heart:

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Great to see that the batteries are removable now. Great for being able to replace either a battery or the power station without having to throw away the rest. Also, these power stations can be very heavy. Separate batteries allow for easier carrying them.


Wonderfull looking unit so many possibilities so looking forward the future products by bluetti

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