Bluetti AC180P - First Look

🌟Introducing BLUETTI AC180P🌟 🚀 Exciting updates are on the horizon for the #BLUETTIAC180P!🔋 Crafted to be Unique and Vibrant!🎈

🛸 Boasting an impressive 1800 W output power, up to 1800W(Surge 2700W)

🌞 Capacity Expansion: Ranging from 1440 Wh to 2246 Wh (With 1*B80P)

📱 Control via the BLUETTI Smart App

⚡ Rapid charging capabilities

💰 Cost-effective & Long-lasting

🏞️ Embrace a groundbreaking adventure in the beauty of nature! 💙


What are the specific specification differences from the AC180P and the AC180?

AC180 has a capacity of 1156Wh, while AC180P has a capacity of 1440Wh. Everything else remains the same.
P series is mainly sold in offline supermarkets. :grinning:

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Wow, I didn’t ever saw this one coming until I was looking at the AC180 product page and found this variant.
The normal AC180p with the 1100wh capacity LiFePO4 weights 35lb, does the AC180P with 1400wh must weight more if it uses the same battery chemistry right?