BLUETTI AC180, now on the way

1800W Power.
1152Wh LiFePO4.
500W Max. Solar Input.

:loud_sound: Finally, it is on the way, the BLUETTI AC180.

:arrow_forward:BLUETTI AC180, for EU & AU.
More info,

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Browse the below videos to know more about AC180

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Thanks for sharing these @BLUETTI !!

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Are these production units and ready for sale in Europe and Australia?

Yes. AC180 is expected to go live in EU and AU in early May. :partying_face:

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Would Bluetti like to tell us when they will become available in the U.K. as we know appear to be a full year behind AUS/EU. its described as the perfect camping accessory and the camping season has already begun but NO AC180.

No release date has been given thus far, but stick around and users on this forum will be some of the first to find out.

Thank you will wait for that news as the AC60 was quick off the blocks but the AC180 appears to have fallen behind.

Might be a bit out of scope of this thread but who can i contact, when i want to test new Powerstation and Solarpanels on my Youtube Channel? @BLUETTI

@Selfmadestrom Please kindly check your private messages. :)