BLUETTI AC 500 offline

My BLUETTI AC500 has lost its internet and Bluetooth connection. All it says in the app is AC500 offline.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue.

@bluetti_georgewhitelawgmailcom Please follow the instructions as below:

  1. The APP should be updated to the latest version
  2. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth of the machine and mobile phone to try
  3. If you still can’t connect, log out of the account and try ofline mode Bluetooth direct connection to see if you can connect to the machine. If you can connect, it may be that the mobile phone signal is not good, because after logging in to the account, it is also possible to bind the device to connect to the machine via Bluetooth. It is necessary to maintain a good mobile network signal
  4. Re-download the APP and try again
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