Bluetti 200w panels.?

Anyone know if (when they become available again) the 200w panels can be put in series / parallel with the 120w panels? TIA

Don’t know how I missed they had 200w panels. Maybe that is why the discount on the 120w panels…I would prefer the 200w and if they come available again I would be adding 1 200w panels to 3 120w panels (2S+2S), if that is possible…

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@roxie60 i just saw those today too!! Haven’t seen or heard anything about them until now!! @BLUETTI when did these little Easter Eggs get released?!? Love it

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They just appeared on Bluetti’s website yesterday. They are supposed to be available for sale sometime in April.


Thanks Mark, I thought I was going crazy cause I have been thinking about getting at least one more portable panels and I was looking yesterday and did not recall seeing these. Then to see the sold out button really gave me a brain twist.

From a quick look at the specs looks like they are the same as the bluetti sp120 panels except higher watts.

So what exactly would they tweak to push the watts up but all other specs remain the same? I’m just curious, a geek I guess.or maybe I’ve miss read the specs

That is interesting, just went to review the 200w panels but they have been removed from the panels drop down. It was there briefly but got 404 error. Now not there to click on at all. Maybe updating page or maybe they did not intend for the page to be live yet. Just fyi.

They are larger panels, about 20"W vs 16"W, and longer. I forget exactly, maybe 87"L vs 67"L I think about 14 lbs vs just under 10 lbs. They are gorgeous, but I already have 7 of the 120w.

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SP200 specs:


Thank you for posting. Still looking to know if anyone has mixed sp200 with sp120 successfully?

Can anyone answer if the sp200 can be mixed with sp130 panels, thx

The SP120 have VoC 23.7. The SP200 have VoC 24. You should be able to wire in series or parallel without any issues.

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