Bluetti 200P not recharging from van battery

I have been recharging my Bluetti 200p via connection to my Van cigarette port. But now I can’t. All the panel lights are on and I don’t have an error message.

The charge status is at 19%. Normally, I never let it get below 45%. But yesterday evening, I used my instant pot which is a real energy hog and I forgot to check the charge status. Also, the temperature in my van was about 33 degrees F when I woke up. I did turn on the heater before trying to recharge the battery. I don’t know if this has any impact on the recharge not working. I disconnected and reconnected the charge cables. (An aside: I have the expansion battery but have yet to connect it to the 200p. Should I be worried about that too? Otherwise, I really love my Bluetti.)

Hi @Mollieblue , Is your car charger cable twisted tight? Turn the DC input source to car.
Have you tried to use solar panel for PV charging?

Thank you for your suggestions. The cable appears to be tightnand the DC port faces the cigarette port. I don’t yet have solar panels and I’m traveling which is why I had been using the cigarette port to recharge the battery.

UPDATE: the problem was the fuse in the airplane plug, it had some moisture. Replaced the fuse. I

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A good reminder for us all, often a ground point is the weakest link and first to check when having a failure. This includes all electronics, especially automotive. Vibration moisture temperature changes etc.

I was just about to suggest checking the fuse for the Van itself. I was using a cheapo lighter plug for my cellphone charger and it blew out the car’s fuse for the cigarette lighter circuit. Luckily it had it’s own separate fuse so that nothing else was affected,