Bluetti 1500wh Not Chargin with Solar and/or included charging brink

As the title says, I cannot get my battery to charge with solar or the battery bank. It has shown that it charges from solar before, reading about 130w from my 200w solar pannel. But then it just fell off and shows 0000 input

Does it charge with the AC adaptor/charger?

Hi @areininger , sorry for late reply.

We suggest you follow the following steps to troubleshoot.
1, In addition to the solar energy can not be charged, the adapter charging is normal?
2, Have all the connecting wires been properly connected and tightened?
3, If the PV input is still 0, could you replace an MC4 connecting cable?
4, After replacing the MC4 connecting cable still can not be charged (indicating that it should be the solar panel problems), could you replace a solar panel to try?

Thanks in advance for your kind cooperations.