Bluetti 1500 reads 0 watts input solar charging

I have the bluetti 1500. I just purchase a single 18v 160w solar pannel. I connected the panel to the bluetti and it reads 000 watt input. I checked the panel with a volt meter and it reads 20 volts. Why is the bluetti reading 0 watts input while connected to the solar panel?

When I connect the ac power brick it reads 212 watt input.

Your Bluetti EB1500 requires a minimum of 16 volts incoming to begin charging. Even though you measure 20 volts from the panel when not connected, the voltage from the panel is most likely dropping below the 16 volt minim when under a charging load. You can purchase a higher voltage panel or purchase and identical panel and connect them in series connection which will double the volatage and allow charging to begin.

Any solar panel will list its open circuit voltage which is max power with no load connected and will also list the voltage at maximum load which will be lower. Not sure what panel you have or what the specs are but in any case, two panels should solve your charging issue as well as having double the wattage available for charging.

So I am having sort of the opposite issue. I just noticed the input display reading 170+ watts but my panel (renogy monocrystaline flexible with sunflower cells) is only 160 watts. I have never seen the display read more than 135 or so even at noon in the dessert on a clear July day. I noticed this for a few minutes then it went back down to an expected 98 watts (based on time of day and available sun). This happened twice today.

A reputable youtuber (who is actually a fan of the bluetti series), has suggested these issues of immaculate wattage readings sound like a “shunt calibration issue”. Is there something we can do to recalibrate to correct reading if this happens again or gets worse?

Thank you

it is possible that your panel did in fact produce 170 watts briefly in optimal conditions and you do not have a problem

Or you can just turn the bluetti off and restart

Ok I have restarted and not seen this issue since so obviously it was one of those two things. Thanks!