Bluett eb3a UPS 99% issue

Hi there, I have 2 questions

  1. Is there any plan to implement logic where the power station eb3a charges directly from the wall instead of using its battery to prevent constant coolers restarting on each 1% battery drop in UPS mode?
  2. If there is no such plan or it is not possible to implement, maybe it is possible to introduce some functionality like starting charging when the battery level drops lower than 90%? for example, if it uses an inverter for internal purposes let it use it until some level of battery. Then coolers will be turned on rarely and not like every 15-30min to charge that 1%.

@Taras123 Thank you for the feedback, the technical team replied:
There are currently no plans to change the fan startup strategy.
There was a similar strategy before: that is, charging would only restart when the SOC drops from 100% to 95%, but this would also have new problems, which is that even if you plugged it in overnight, when you woke up in the morning it was only 95%, giving the direct feeling that it didn’t fully charge even after being plugged in all night. So it was changed back later.

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Thank you for the reply.
I believe the concern you described could be handled easily by making such logic optional. I mean it should be obvious if you select “Start charging when the battery reaches” that won’t start charging if you have the battery level more than you selected.
Or it can be done even better
Discharge/charge level ↔ 0-100%
By above selected as 90-100% will solve the UPS issue so it will discharge to 90% and then start charging to 100%.
Or if you choose, for example, 0-55%, this will solve another problem where the battery is always fully charged, which affects the battery health long-term

Could you please give a reply here?

I’ve sent this suggestion back to the relevant product manager, and perhaps this strategy can be implemented in a new product down the road.