Bluetooth with password

I have only a EB3A and a AC200MAX. So I can’t speek for all Bluetti powerstations. But I want to speek of the bluetooth connection. The bluetooth connection NEEDS a secure possibility that only me can connect to the powerstation. It needs to set a password for the connection. Otherwise somebody, my neighbor or some bad boys arround my mobile home somewhere, can switch anything on my powerstation. That would be a horrible situation. Therefor please add a password field for the bluetooth connection. If no password is settable the powerstation would not be usable at home and on my mobile home! I know I can switch bluetooth off but that is NO option because I need a connection (WiFi (without a cloud) would be better but is not discussed here). Those who don’t need that can let the password field free and work like before. Thanks.

Regarding the Bluetooth connection issue you mentioned, our development team is already working on improving it.
I’ll let you know when Bluetooth connection function is more complete.

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Thankyou very much. Sigi

Yeah, thats a topic thats been around for a while now