Blue tooth and ac180

How do I get the 180 to turn on blue tooth so the app will work. Thanks

Hi @JayP

i dont own one of theese units, so i cant say for sure. First of all, i can confirm that this Unit supports the Bluetti App via bluetooth.

Since the unit didnt have a touchscreen und no buttons to navigate i assume the bluetooth is always on. Did you try it to connect with bluetti App already? There should be a bluetooth Icon in the upper left corner when its connected.

Thats from the official AC180 manual:

"Scan the QR code below or search “BLUETTI” in the App Store or Google Play to download
the BLUETTI app.

AC180 supports Bluetooth connection. Once connected, the AC180 can be accessed and
controlled on a mobile phone or other smart devices. For more details, please refer to