BLUE Etta eb3a dead

Received unit 10/14/22
Received unit 10/22 worked great until I hooked up 400 watt panels to charge.Now completely dead.Help

The voltage of your 400 watt panel likely exceeded the maximum input voltage that the EB3a is rated for. I have seen issues where charging can no longer occur after connecting a device that exceeds the limit of a unit but not one that is completely dead. In any case, not a good thing to connect a device outside the operational range limits for any device.

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No response from Bluetti is my problem. I want the machine repaired no matter who pays,me or them. I. Need an rma number.

I hear you. Timely response is a common complaint in this and other forums. Once contacted, the issues seem to get resolved satisfactorily.

200 watts is max input for the EB3A. Please read the whole manual before using. It may save you from frying the batteries or shorting their life.

It’s not dead, it’s just not charging. I had the similar problem with my AC200Max. I had 4 panels connected in series and the total watts exceeded the limit. I had two choices, First, just use three panels in series…2nd: rewire in Parallel. I tried to use all four in Parallel but the connectors didn’t connect smoothly enough for me so I just cut back to three 285 watt panels and problem solved. Generator charges up to 720 so far. I’m in the mountains and have fairly good southern exposure. I think as long as you stay within the limits of the unit, it’ll work fine…mine did.

@John Sorry for the late reply.
How did you connect the EB3A and the solar panel? Is the interface between the panel and the machine connected properly?
What is the VOC of your 400W panel?

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I’ve turned in the info and paid $100 dollars,now waiting on shipping label.

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You can exceed solar watts, as long as you do not exceed Voc max. When you connect panels in series the Voc adds up. So if needed, connect them in parallel to avoid exceed Voc max.